Law Blog on Current Legal Developments in Finland and Russia

In some countries, like Finland, the managing director or CEO of a company or corporation is not considered, from a legal point of view, an employee of the relevant company.

In Russia, exploitation of foreign brands and trademarks is not yet very uncommon.

Even if Finland is a relatively safe country in terms of intellectual property rights and outright exploitation of a foreign brand is rare, foreign businesses that commence business operations in Finland should protect their brands in Finland with trademarks.

Many foreign corporations and individuals that have planned to start businesses in Finland have considered the process for opening a bank account in a local bank overly complicated and time consuming.

To work in Russia, a foreigner is required to obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Inferior Affairs.

Karoliina Kaihlanen joined our team 2.9.2015. Karoliina has completed her LL.M degree at the University of Helsinki and she has also been an exchange student at the Masaryk University in Czech.

We are happy to inform that we have found a new office in St. Petersburg on the Moika Embankment. The address of the office is:

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Today, president Vladimir Putin of Russia signed a decree ”on application of certain economic measures for the purpose of ensuring the security of the Russian Federation”.

A typical way to carry out business in another country or within another geographical territory is through so-called agents or distributors.

An employment relationship can end in different ways: a fixed-term employment contract normally ends at the end of the fixed period or on completion of the agreed job, whereas an indefinitely valid employment contract (permanent contract) ends when it is terminated by either party.