Advertising & Consumer Law

  • Advised a company in the health sector concerning cross-border transfer of personal data between group companies.
  • Represented a company in the Market Court resulting in the court reversing Valvira’s decision to stop marketing of a product claimed to be in breach of the Finnish Alcohol Act.
  • Advised on certification and product safety issues in the European Union and Finland.
  • Assisted international companies with the organization of various promotions in Russia.
  • Advised and represented a global manufacturer and distributor of household appliances in a disagreement concerning comparative advertising.
  • Advised an advertising agency in arranging an advertising contest covering Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, including submission of personal data notifications.
  • Advised an advertising agency in arranging a number of international promotions in Scandinavia and Russia.
  • Advised in and prepared the terms & conditions for a number of international online promotional contest and draws covering Europe and Russia.
  • Performed a number of legal reviews of advertisements, websites and point of sales materials.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law

  • Defended a company in court against a claim by the bankruptcy estate concerning the recovery of funds.
  • Advised a foreign client concerning the preparation and lodgment of a claim with a Finnish bankruptcy estate.
  • Advised the debtor in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Advised a creditor in retrieving property which title had not yet transferred to the debtor from a bankrptcy estate.
  • Advised a foreign bankruptcy estate in a disagreement concerning the validity of a Finnish collateral.
  • Represented a foreign investor (creditor) in bankrutpcy proceedings in Finland.
  • Advised and assisted a foreign bankruptcy estate with the disposal of property located in Finland.

Contract Law

  • Assisted a Finnish supplier with concluding a supply contract with a Russian purchaser.
  • Advised in and prepared a subcontracting agreement for a company in the health sector.
  • Assisted a Finnish client with the preparation and conclusion of a distribution agreement with its Russian distributor.
  • Assisted in preparation of different international intra-group agreements between European companies and their Russian subsidiaries.
  • Assisted and advised clients with the preparation of different types of non-disclosure agreements.
  • Advised and assisted the constructor with concluding a construction agreement and agreements on HVAC and electricity works for the construction of an apartment hotel.
  • Prepared a supply contract for a Finnish supplier to be used in connection with deliveries to Germany.
  • Advised a Finnish company in concluding a purchase agreement with a Ukrainian supplier, including preparation of the contract.
  • Advised a Finnish seller in concluding a supply agreement with an Estonian purchaser, including preparation of the supply agreement.
  • Assisted a company with the execution of a supply contract with a Russian supplier, including the review of the contract.
  • Prepared a distribution agreement for a Finnish import business.
  • Prepared the terms of use regarding online services for an IT-company.
  • Prepared a financing agreement for a Finnish company being financed by a Russian investor.
  • Prepared a distribution agreement for a Finnish IT-company.
  • Prepared a construction agreement for the construction of a mini hotel in Finland for a foreign investor.
  • Advised and prepared a supply contract between a Finnish chemicals company and a Russian supplier.
  • Adviced a corporation in preparing an agency agreement with a Russian sales representative.
  • Prepared a purchase agreement for a real estate investment company in Finland.
  • Prepared a letter of intent for a real estate owner regarding the renovation of the real estate.
  • Prepared an agency agreement for an IT-company.
  • Advised a Finnish seller regarding the execution of a supply agreement with a Russian buyer.

Corporate and Tax Law

  • Assisted a company with increasing its Russian subsidiary’s share capital.
  • Assisted and advised a non-EU company with the establishment of a subsidiary in Finland.
  • Advised and assisted European companies with the establishment and registration of subsidiaries in Russia.
  • Advised an Asian company with setting up a joint venture and branch in Russia.
  • Advised a foreign investor in planning an investment to a Finnish company and in corporate and tax issues related to the investment.
  • Advised a Finnish company in connection with the acceptance of a foreign investor to the company, including preparation of a shareholder agreement, emission of shares and tax planning.
  • Advised the parties of a Finnish-Swedish joint venture in corporate and tax issues, including establishment of the joint venture and the review of the shareholders agreement.
  • Assisted a foreign-owned company with the preparation of a business plan and an application for financing.
  • Reviewed an agreement on cooperation between a Finnish and a Russian partnerships.
  • Advised a company in the tax planning and execution of transfer of ownership to the previous owner's next of kin.
  • Advised an international corporation in setting up a joint venture in Russia with a Russian partner.
  • Advised a construction company in the execution of a succession.
  • Advised a Finnish corporation in the planning and execution of an internal restructuring.
  • Advised a client in a case concering the taxation of insurance payments.
  • Advised an international consulting company regarding Finnish VAT in connection with the execution of an international service contract.
  • Assisted with the registration of a number of limited liability companies and with the preparation of shareholders agreements.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

  • Represented a company in arbitration proceedings in Stockholm. As a result, our client’s demands were accepted in full and our client’s legal expenses ordered by the tribunal to be compensated in full by the adversary.
  • Represented a foreign company in Russian court concerning collection of outstanding receivables from a Russian purchaser. As a result, the court ordered the Russian purchaser to pay to our client the outstanding receivables in the approximate amount of EUR 820 000 and to compensate our client’s legal costs in full.
  • Represented a client in a trademark case in Russia in which our client’s trademark had been transferred to a third party via forged assignment agreements. As a result of the proceedings, all rights to the trademark were returned to our client.
  • Represented a client in a number of cases where Rospatent had issued provisional refusal to our client’s trademark applications. As a result of our appeal, our client’s trademarks were registered in Russia.
  • Represented a client in a dispute concerning a share purchase agreement in Russia. As a result of the proceedings, our clients demands consisting of USD 330 000 in damages and 7 5000 € in legal costs were awarded to our client in full.
  • Advised and assisted a client in a dispute concerning the acquisition of a Finnish business.
  • Advised a client in a dispute concerning an international delivery of a mining plant, where a sub-contractor attempted to amend the payment terms of the delivery.
  • Advised a Finnish IT-company in an IPR-dispute. As a result of our actions, the defendant removed copyright-infringing material from their website.
  • Advised the employee of a Finnish corporation in a dispute regarding illegal termination of employment.
  • Represented a client in an international IPR-dispute. The dispute was settled resulting compensation being paid to our client for use of our client's copyrighted work.
  • Advised and represented a Finnish corporation in a trade name dispute with a Russian competitor. The parties eventually settled as the Russian party agreed to change its trade name.
  • Represented the employee in a dispute concerning unlawful termination of an employment agreement. The case was settled resulting in the employer paying the employee a compensation equivalent to a four-month salary.
  • Advised and assisted an international corporation in retrieving its Russian domain name from a cybersquatter.
  • Represented a real estate company in a dispute between the company and a tenant.
  • Represented the buyer in a dispute regarding a defect in the acquired real estate.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  • Advised a North-American company with the licensing of its trademark to a Finnish entity.
  • Assisted an international home electronics company with preparation of terms of use for its online store
  • Advised an Asian company in an international dispute concerning the validity of a community design for pieces of furniture.
  • Advised a Finnish company with concluding a franchising agreement with a Russian franchisee.
  • Advised a Russian IT-company in an international dispute concerning the delivery of a custom-made software.
  • Prepared a license for a Finnish IT-company for the company's standard and client specific software.
  • Advised clients with the registration of domestic and international trademarks in Finland, Russia and the EU.
  • Advised clients with the registration of domain names in Finland and Russia.
  • Assisted a client with filing an objection against the registration of a trademark violating our client's trademark.
  • Represented a patent holder in license negotiations and drafted an agreement for the licensing of the patent.
  • Advised a client in concluding license agreements with a Russian licensee.
  • Prepared a copyright transfer agreement for a Finnish IT-company.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Assisted a US buyer with the purchase of an accommodation business in Finland.
  • Assisted the owners of an IT company with concluding a share purchase agreement with the purchaser.
  • Assisted with the merger of two Finnish group companies.
  • Advised the seller in the sale of the entire stock of a real estate company.
  • Advised the seller in the sale of shares in a media company.
  • Advised the purchaser in an acquisition of an online media business and its employees.
  • Advised the seller in an acquisition of a restaurant business.

Labor & Employment Law

  • Advised a company in dismissing the general director if its Russian subsidiary.
  • Assisted a company in obtaining a work permit for the general director of its Russian subsidiary.
  • Assisted a company with dismissing one of its employees.
  • Represented a client in a matter concerning unlawful cancellation of an employment agreement.
  • Assisted and advised a Finnish client with the preparation of a director agreement.
  • Advised a European company concerning the dismissal of the general director of its Russian subsidiary.
  • Assisted a company with the preparation and filing of an appeal against the decision of the Finnish Immigration Service concerning the company’s employee’s resident permit.
  • Prepared a report on Finnish taxes and social charges for a Swedish company hiring an employee in Finland.
  • Advised a foreign company in resident permit and employment issues in Finland.
  • Prepared a number of employment agreements for domestic and foreign-owned corporations.
  • Prepared the general director agreement for a Finnish subsidiary of an international corporation.
  • Advised a top-manager in concluding an employment agreement with a Russian company.
  • Prepared the employment agreement for the general director of the Russian subsidiary of an international corporation.

Public Procurement

  • Advised a procuring entity in planning and executing the tender process.
  • Advised a procuring entity in handling a filed market court complaint.
  • Advised a bidder in drawing up and lodging a market court complaint against a procuring entity.


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